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WCA Homeless Project
c/o Windsor Baptist Church
Victoria Street
Berkshire SL4 1EH

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Join & Help Our Homeless

From 8pm on Friday 16th March
until 7am on Saturday 17th March 2018.
On the night, there will be live music and hot food.

Windsor Homeless Project

Getting homeless and vulnerable people on their feet

Providing Long Term Support

Most importantly, when individuals are assisted into housing, appropriate accommodation is located and then furnishings are sourced and delivered. Each guest is settled, with ongoing needs addressed, and WHP works to sustain the tenancy and prevent eviction. Our aim is to help our guests develop a sense of purpose and self worth, and empower them to live a settled, self-supporting and fulfilling life. We are a local charity that:

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ENABLES the vulnerable and homeless to rebuild their lives

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PARTNERS with other agencies to enable positive change, permanent accommodation and a new and sustainable lifestyle

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OFFERS long term support in a respectful, compassionate, non-judgemental way

Their story could be yours.


" When I was twenty, my mum got a new partner who threw me out "


" One day they came and changed the locks, so I couldn’t get in "


" When she died, I got depressed and stopped caring about life "


" I was going through a divorce and my life fell apart "


" My life fell apart when my wife met someone else "

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