How we do it

As well as offering immediate practical support we help our guests to engage with local agencies and services and can support them along an often difficult journey back into housing when they can begin to build a normal life and develop a sense of purpose and self worth.

We give mentoring and support with setting up home, tenancy sustainment, financial management, health issues and job seeking.

We provide unconditional companionship. The Project is somewhere our guests can feel accepted and can belong.

We are a small local charity. Donations go directly to supporting the most vulnerable in society.


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Our Mission

Windsor Homeless Project is a local charity that

  • enables the homeless and vulnerable to rebuild their lives
  • offers long term support in a respectful, compassionate and non-judgemental way, and
  • partners with other agencies to allow positive change, permanent accommodation and a new, sustainable lifestyle


Our Values 

Hospitality – We welcome our guests with food, a shower and clean clothes

Belonging  – We provide a safe place for them to belong

Compassion  – We treat them with compassion

Acceptance –  We are accepting

Non-judgementalism – We do not judge

Respect – We are respectful

Inclusivity – We include everyone, regardless of their past, creed, race, or sexuality

Honesty – We are honest

Holistic Approach – We work in a holistic way – body, mind and spirit

Teamwork –  We make collaborative decisions

Recovery – We build their self-esteem and give support on the road to recovery

Empowerment – We empower and enable our guests to rebuild their live



Please support us. Click here to donate now