What difference do we make?

Over the past year the Windsor Homeless Project :

  • Has an average attendance of 70 visits per week
  • Supports 50 regular guests
  • Served over 3500 hot meals
  • Has assisted over 50 people into accommodation over 2 years

There are all sorts of reasons why a person loses their home. Here are some examples from people who have found themselves in this challenging situation, and the different ways in which The Windsor Homeless Project has played a part in supporting them.

Tragic Loss

The Lost Teenager

Recession and Divorce 


Step Family


A Real Family 

Other Stories

And here are some real life stories from people who’s lives Windsor Homeless Project has had a real impact upon.

C’s Story – The Power of a Helping Hand

D’s Story – Life on the Outside

Eddie’s Story – Another Chance

Jacob’s Story – Don’t Give Up

Lisa’s Story – Essential Collaboration

TJ Lewis’ Story – Divorced & Vulnerable

Paul’s Story – Living in a Van


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