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Jacob's* Story

Don't give up

I was brought up in care and had no real family around me- it was hard and I lost my way.


I first found out about the Windsor Homeless project through a hostel that I was at temporarily. I felt instantly at home at the Project. I liked the non-judgmental attitudes and the friendliness. I attended regularly.


I really liked the hot food, which was tasty and made with care. I looked forward to coming as it broke up the day and we had good conversations about all sorts of subjects.


I needed help with housing and this was difficult, as the council wanted me to go back to another area that I had connections with.


Eventually Shelter became involved and through them a solicitor that helped me.

I am now housed, working and going to the gym. I pay all of my bills.

The project helped me with goods for my flat, cutlery, chest of drawers etc. This was crucial in getting me settled.


I am so grateful to the project and to all of the staff and volunteers. I go back to visit from time to time. They are always pleased to see me!


It would be good if the project could expand and offer even more support. Especially for those who have “given up” on themselves and are hard to reach.

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