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Paul's* Story

Living in a Van

I came to the Windsor Homeless Project about two years ago. I’d had a really difficult time and split up from my wife. We separated and had to sell the house as we were on the point of being repossessed.

I wanted to find a flat with the money that I had, but it was not possible in the area where we lived as it was too expensive. I decided that a short-term solution would be to hire a van and live in that until I could find somewhere permanent. That was in November 2018 and I’m still in the van now.

I’ve been looking at flats in cheaper areas in Devon and Cornwall but there have been legal problems with all three small properties I’ve tried to buy so far and I’m now on the fourth one and keeping my fingers crossed that this one goes through.

Whilst I’ve been living in the van the Windsor Homeless Project has really helped to give me some stability as it provides a stable agenda to focus on for the week. It really helps to have some social involvement, mixing with other people and having some nice food and a chance to have a shower. Laurie, the CBT counsellor, has been really helpful too, and given me the opportunity to talk things through with her.
Evenings are difficult in the van but at least I know I can come into the project the next day and feel welcomed.

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