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Day Centre Volunteer

"I have met some incredibly special people here"


Where are you from? 

I live in Ascot

How long have you been volunteering with WHP? 

Two years


What brought you to WHP? 

Homelessness has been the one thing that has continuously pulled at my heartstrings since I can remember! As a very young child I used to wonder how on earth people functioned without a home to go to. My young mind could not comprehend the idea of sleeping rough on the streets!

A while back a wonderful friend told me about the work being done at WHP and put me in touch. It took me 4 years but I got there eventually! 


What do you find most rewarding about volunteering for WHP? 

I love the atmosphere at WHP! It is so welcoming! And fun! I never expected that..... 

I have met some incredibly special people here. The volunteers and staff are amazing and so too are the guests! They show such a strength of spirit and above all have taught me so much! 

Despite the despair and difficulties surrounding peoples' situations there is such an uplifting feel in the air! 


The project seems to be a magnet for kind, loving and compassionate people. 

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