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Number Crunching: September 2021

For you number lovers, here’s a rundown of the latest facts and figures.

With 270+ delicious lunches served this month, we want to send out a big thank you to all our offsite cooks who help ensure our guests (and staff!) are well fed and happy, four times a week!

That’s both volunteer cooks – who bring in the taste of home cooking – and the local restaurants who regularly drop in some fine dining, which over the last few weeks has included The Greene Oak, Harvest Afro Caribbean, and the Flaming Cow.

We're continuing to support our guests into their new homes. We helped 4 guests get moved in and settled this month. The van's been feeling a bit sad and neglected over the last couple of weeks, due to an almost empty tank of diesel, but we're hoping to resume normal business soon!

Digital support continues to be a really important part of what we do. With so much of the world online these days, it's crucial that our guests get access to the internet, so they can sign into their Universal Credit accounts, search for accommodation, and apply for jobs.

And, for all of the above, it's vital that our guests have their own phone that they can be contacted on. Because phones get lost, broken, or stolen, they're one of the items that we give out the most. But since it's getting trickier for us to find low-cost phones on the High Street, we've added one to our Amazon Wish List - if you would like to buy one (or some!) for our guests.

As always, thank you for your support. We couldn't do any of this without the backing of our amazing community.

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