Would you like to raise money for Windsor Homeless Project whilst enjoying a fantastic concert?


    Well, on 24th April, The Queen's Six are coming to The Old Court, Windsor for a one-off fundraising gig in association with Bang & Olufsen. Buy a ticket, raise much needed money to help those in need of help and support.


    'Dedicated Folk' celebrates The Queen's Six's 10th anniversary, with two newly commissioned pieces, and folk song and pop arrangements made exclusively for the group. Starting with music written for Queen Elizabeth I, and ending with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin, there's something for everyone.


    Do not miss out! Buy your tickets here.

    Tuesday 24th April


    The Old Court, SL4 3BL

    Full Price = £20

    Student/Unemployed = £16

  • Latest News


    At the Windsor Homeless Project, we're moving onto our next phase.

    Attempting to tackle hidden homelessness of any age, in RBWM.


    The Hidden Homeless, otherwise known as 'Sofa Surfers' are those that crash on somebody's floor because they have nowhere else to go,

    moving from one place to the next when they've, knowingly or unknowingly, outstayed their welcome.


    It is just as important for us to know if somebody is suffering as a result of Hidden Homelessness as it is to know about Rough Sleepers as they can both have disastrous effects on ones mental & physical health.


    Also, many people that are 'Sofa Surfing' do not see themselves as homeless because they have a roof over their head.

    This may be so, but they don't have a home.


    If you are a 'Sofa Surfer' or know anybody that is, please click on the link below and fill out the online form. This will;


    A). Give us an indication of the Hidden Homelessness problem in RBWM

    B). Allow us to contact you to give you advice on what you can do to relieve yourself of your current situation.

    C). Help us to start creating a solution to the problem as a whole.


    Thank you for your time!






    Thank you for your kindness

    We are inundated with donations of clothes, crockery, duvets etc. and physically have nowhere to store anything so please either store your donations somewhere (loft?) until such a time that we need them OR keep updated as to what we need, when we need it, by visiting and joining our facebook page.